About Page

The Wilton Group is an organization of Wilton citizens whose goal is to implement our Mission:To preserve, enhance, and promote the unique character of Wilton by facilitating communication, engagement, and cooperation within our community.

Our main service is:

To provide support for our community by encouraging more people to get involved in community activities, supporting local businesses, and projecting a positive image of our community.

Other services include:

  • Being a resource for the community and businesses
  • Newworking
  • Providing information and serving as a focal point for the community

Our members are individuals, families, businesses, and organizations that come together to make Wilton strong.

Things We Have Done:

¨ Given a presentation on walking paths behind Cushing School

¨ Held a Meet and Greets for Selectmen candidates

¨ Held a Meet and Greet with Police Chief Heidi Wilcox

¨ Held a Legislative Update with State Senator Tom Saviello and Representative Russell Black.

¨ Promoted Third Thursdays

¨ Promoted Wilton Winter Wonderland

¨ Given a community presentation on website development for small businesses

¨ Started a Think Local Campaign to promote Wilton businesses

¨ Promoted Wilton maple syrup  producers on Maine Maple Syrup Sunday

¨ Maintain a web site and Facebook page to stimulate community  opportunities and area events, serve as a local business directory.